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Tom-Yum Tuna Sandwich

This afternoon while going through my fridge,I found some cans of tuna. I was hungry so I decided to have some tuna sandwich. It’s really simple and absolutely yummy!!

1 can of plain tuna
1 can of tom-yum tuna
2 tomatoes
1/2 onion
1-2 green chilies
few slices of bread

We need to chop up a bit some of the ingredients before mixing them in the blender. You can start with the cabbage by finely chopping it and then just leave it to soak in some hot water. When the cabbage starts to turn slightly greener than before, drain the water and sprinkle a pinch of salt, mix well.

Once you’re done with the cabbage, you can start dicing the onion, tomatoes and chilly into chunks. After chopping them put them in the blender along with a pinch of salt, some pepper, 1 can of plain tuna and 1 can of tom yum tuna. Then add ample amount of mayonnaise so that the mixture is not dry. Start the blender at a low-speed at first then increase the speed later on. Make sure that all the ingredients are mixed really well. It doesn’t need to be absolutely smooth but everything must be finely chopped. This might take up to 2 minutes.

Now you’re tuna spread is ready. Take two slice of bread and spread the mixture on both the slices. On one of the slice place some cabbage and sprinkle some pepper on it. Sandwich together and enjoy your tom-yum tuna sandwich.


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